About Me - Unleashing Creativity

I am many things.  But mainly, I am a creative soul and a seeker on a life-long journey of self-discovery and transformation.

I love to create and write, but I often encountered some real or imagined block that would shut down the creative process.

It took many years of self-reflection to understand what was holding me back.  It took many more to find ways to break through the blocks.

Being the seeker that I am, I immersed myself in beautiful, inspirational books on creativity, healing and transformation.  The creative process would be my path to healing.

The goal of my blog is to share with you what I found to reconnect with my creative spirit and continue my on-going transformation - The Pat K Rennovation Project!

My hope is to offer you sparks of inspiration that will ignight or re-ignight your desire to express yourself creatively, transform and de-stress with creativity.

I will slso share with you alternative approaches that I have tried to undo the damage of a stressful life.

I hope you will follow along, try some of the art experiments that I will explain along the way and take up the practice of the Daily Doodle.

About My Blog

My site is about the journey of creating a stress-free approach to a more creative life.  It's about:
  • using art experiments and doodling to open the creative channels
  • banishing judgmental thinking - yours and others
  • using your daily doodles to release tension, stress, anger, negative feelings and self-doubt
  • doodling to monitor what you're feeling
  • how to create a visual journal without any creative ability
  • getting connected or reconnected with your creative spirit
  • focusing on the process, not the outcome