When You're Stuck - A Painting That Paints Inself

Doodle Therapy - Green Frost - Patricia Kay
Sometimes you want to create... something.  Your heart is in it, your spirit is ready, but you're... 

Something vague - disconnected.  Your mind is on hiatus - which actually can be a good thing - it means no interruptions from the critical controller.

If I give in and not do anything, I can add frustration to the mix.  The odd thing is, I won't accomplish anything else either when this state hits.  So it's best to find my way out of it, or it will be a totally wasted day.

On a day like this, I need to be into painting rather than the Daily Doodle Journal.    That's when I fall back on my motivational monoprints.  Just paint and paper - no brushes needed!  All I have to do is drop, squirt or streak paint across the paper, lay another piece on top , give it a few taps or swirls of the hand, and voila - a painting that painted itself!

And magically, gazing at the blended colors and fascinating textures, will snap me out of my state of disconnect into a more inspired frame of mind.

Of course, my best pieces come out when I am more inspired and rely on my intuition to guide me.  But, surprisingly, you can achieve really great results even when you are aimlessly creating.  Some of my better prints were created when I  was "out there, somewhere".

For the piece above, I used a random mix of India ink, acrylic ink and iridescent medium.  Getting two for the price of one, I cut one of the prints into various sized pieces that I will use for other projects.

If you like the adventure of unexpected outcomes or are in need of some instant gratification, you can get a quick art fix with this type of monoprint.  Use any kind of  paint, add different mediums for different effects - just make sure it is wet enough and you don't wait too long to pull off the top sheet.

Try these just for the fun of it.  The best part is when you peel back your page to find out what your design looks like - guaranteed - it's like a trip back to your childhood!

Happy Doodling!

The Power of a Sensitive Heart

Happy New Year!
Welcome to Doodle Therapy!

I had planned to write about the new year with positive and creative intentions, but have not been able to get this topic out of my thoughts.  It selected itself for the first post of the new year, and for whatever reason, maybe it needs to be heard.  

We live in a society that has far greater respect and admiration for toughness and harshness.  Gentleness, sensitivity and compassion are considered by many to be signs of weakness and make anyone possessing these qualities, a target for criticism.

You learn early in life to hide or deny these qualities or toughen up.  A lifetime of playing defense to hide or deny who your really are, takes an enormous amount of energy and a heavy toll on one's spirit.  Not only that, it means that you have bought into the belief that these qualities are really faults or flaws in your personality that should be disowned, which is even more damaging.

The truth is, if you are sensitive, it is your greatest gift.  But, it can be a double-edged sword and can also bring you the greatest grief.

Being a sensitive soul may make you more easily hurt.  But I wonder... are sensitive people really thin-skinned, or is it that they are more likely to be the target of thoughtless or harsh criticism?  When you are constantly subjected to pain, it either becomes super sensitive or calloused.  And, Isn't extreme toughness just a calloused facade?

I believe that sensitivity is a strength that ,has far more power than toughness.  It is sensitivity that is:
  • your source of intuition
  • what enables you to recognize and pick up on the subtleties - to get the subtext
  • your source of compassion, empathy and kindness
It is the sensitive souls that are able to sense what someone else may really mean, need or feel.  They know when something is wrong long before anyone else.

Yes, sensitive types are more in tune with their emotions, maybe to the discomfort of others.  And yes, quicker to cry.  Is that because they are weak, or is it that their emotions are closer to the surface.

Being a sensitive soul, I've been told over and over, you're too sensitive, you shouldn't care so much, you shouldn't take things to heart or let things affect you so much.  Should, should, should!  It could just make you want to scream!

There finally came a point in my life when I wasn't willing to listen anymore to the comment "you're too sensitive".  The turning point came when I was able to simply and firmly say to someone making that "accusation", "or maybe you're just too insensitive".  My "accuser" was silenced - at least momentarily; but never brought it up again.

It took a long time to truly appreciate that my sensitivity is one of my best qualities.  It's the foundation of everything else that I am.  During my self-help, "perfecting the product" days, I worked very hard on eradicating that perceived imperfection.  How ironic, that all my attempts at perfecting, were really creating more imperfections.

I now try to remember to respond to that "accusation" with, "and that's what I like about me best!"

So, what does all this have to do with creativity?  For one, I believe that art that comes from the heart is your best work - it's coming directly from the source and has the ability to connect deeply with others.

If you are blocking your sensitivity and who you are, you are blocking the flow of creativity.  When that protective layer is pulled away and your heart is allowed to open fully, the light and beauty of what is inside will spill over, infusing your work with your true spirit.

Who you really are is what is in your heart, not what is in your head.

The world has its place for the tough minded, but now, more than ever, we need the strength of sensitive hearts who have the ability to bring more peace, empathy and compassion into this world.  There's nothing wrong with being tough, but we need to balance and elevate the value of those with strong, sensitive hearts.

If you are one, find and surround yourself with other like-hearted souls so you can securely start to shed the protective layers blocking your light. Collectively, we have something valuable to give to this world.

Wishing you a new year filled with love, light and creativity!

Happy Doodling!

The Gift of Creativity


"The purpose of life is to discover your gift.  The meaning of life is in giving your gift away."  David Viscott
In this season of gift giving, I would like to focus on the gifts we already have and the ones that may not have been used or discovered yet.  

I found the quote above several years ago.  It resonated with me because it pretty much summed up my feelings about my creative abilities.  I would always be making something and then give it away.  Some of the best experiences I've had, were opportunities to donate my work for charity auctions.  It was thrilling to know that my art could make more money for a charity than I was able to give.

I knew I wanted to write about the gift of creativity this week, and of course, as the Law of Attraction would have it, I rediscovered this quote while looking through an old journal.  This time, I find it even more meaningful.  I think of my blog as a gift given to me that provides me with an outlet to send out my gift of positive, creative vibes that hopefully will find their way to wherever they are needed.  My hope is that I am able to offer a light on the creative journey to awaken or expand creative potential.

Back in the eighties, I read, What Color is Your Parachute" by Dick Bolles. This book is considered to be the job hunters bible and has been updated over and over again.  As a creative soul trying to survive in the land of numbers and big business, I took to heart his message about finding and defining your mission in life.  

When I wrote my mission statement the first time, part of it read that I wanted to work for a company that measured its success by how many people were helped rather than how many dollars were made.  I never did get to work for that type of company/organization, so I had to find ways to make that the philosophy of my personal life.

I truly believe that in order to experience a life full of joy and gratitude, you need to have a sense of purpose - to know or find your mission that you were sent here to accomplish.  It doesn't matter if you know it early in life or if it takes a lifetime searching for that answer.  Finding your purpose and using the gifts you were given to achieve your mission makes a world of difference in how you feel about yourself.

We are taught that we will get that sense of purpose from our jobs, but most people are working in a job that just pays the bills, not one that offers personal fulfillment.  So, it becomes more important to find other ways to use or develop your gifts.  If you don't know what they are, then it is your mission to find that out.

Every soul has their potential role to play in this life.  Some may be for a smaller audience like your family or close friends, while others may be for a larger stage, influencing others in your community or even worldwide.

The key is not if your gift makes you important, it's what you do with your gifts that is important.

Whether your gifts are in the visual arts, design, crafts, music, writing, dance, cooking/baking, carpentry/diy or gardening - if you are blessed with creative gifts of any kind, you have the ability to add beauty to a world that desperately needs uplifting and transformation.

In times like today, with our economy in the state that it is and so many people out of work, creativity is more important than ever.  It is going to take creatives and their creative ideas to get us back on track.  Your gifts are needed at every level.  No matter how small or grand the contribution; collectively, the positive energy generated has the power to make this world a better place.

The gifts you already have, the ones you have had since birth, are the ones that really matter.  Nothing under the tree this year, or from Christmas past can compare.  Your gift is the gift you are able to give to others.  Your gifts make a difference.

What is your gift?  What were you sent here to do?  How will you use your gifts?  Will you be able to complete your mission?


The Creative Journey - Standing Before the Fork in the Road


Where to go next, a vagueness, a question and yet a great sense that I've been here before.  Flashbacks to a time decades ago keep streaming in while future possibilities fill my consciousness all at the same time.  Maybe it's the spirit of Christmas past...

I feel as though I am walking into a totally new phase of my life - unfamiliar territory - with many new pathways in front of me.  I am unsure of my surroundings, but very curious and intrigued about what is around the corner.

Something in my subconscious has stirred and the tectonic plates are shifting ever so slowly, but oh so distinctly.  In times past, this feeling of the unknown would set off loads of stress and anxiety.  Not this time.  

It feels welcoming, positive and strangely like the place I was meant to be long ago, before all the detours of life took me elsewhere.

I don't know where this flight is taking me, but I'm happy to get on board and anxious to get there.

I found lately that I have been having more difficulty drawing in my usual way.  What would flow easily, is now encountering points of hesitation - my mind wants to go in one direction, while my hand wants to go in another.  My old familiar style is in some type of holding pattern, but the "something totally new and different", that I sense is just beneath the surface and isn't ready to emerge yet.

Little glimpses of new forms have been popping up here and there in the past few months, but they feel like a pinhole view of something immense on the other side.

My Daily Doodle entries reflect an unsettled state - just indecisive scribbles.

I don't know what it will take to break through, so I will allow the process to take it's course and enjoy this new phase of the journey.

Following my intention to nurture and explore this new path, I found Louise Gale's 2012 Creative Color Challenge, or should I say, it found me.  What perfect timing!

With the new year approaching, I have been reflecting on this past year and on my direction and focus for 2012.  I was looking for a theme or word for my 2012 goals, but haven't found what feels right.  

I just started my blog this past March and spent this year exploring and carving out my little niche in the creative blogosphere.  I have lost and found myself many times in my life - LOL! - so exploration doesn't quite fit this new phase of the journey.  Refining is more appropriate, but not quite right either.

My birthday is coming up and it is the birthday before the "big one".  I want this coming year to be filled with creativity like no other, so when I hit that "big one" next year, it will be one that I celebrate and embrace.

My heart is filled with such gratitude and joy right now.  To anyone who stops by to visit and read my blog, I thank you and wish you a new year filled with peace, love and all things creative.  I hope you will join me on a creative adventure at Louise's Creative Color Challenge.


The Joy of Creativity... The Agony of Creative Blocks

Doodle Therapy - Winged Floral Spirit - Patricia Kay
Nothing makes me happier than being in the process of creating.  It calms me, liberates my spirit and gives me a greater sense of purpose than anything else... and it can cause me the most grief when I encounter a creative block.

I started the doodle above a few days ago and loved its shape and flow, but then I got fixated on its imperfect lines and whether it was complete.  Once that discussion in my mind takes hold, things go nowhere.  When I went back to my drawing, the whole debate raged on.

I am finding that sometimes the pieces that I like the most - the ones that flow the easiest in the first stages - are the ones that are sometimes the hardest to finish.  It took me a while before I started to question why.  

I usually follow my impulses and intuition; however, there are times when that little nagging voice comes back to torment me!  Often, I will come to a point where I don't know what I want to do next, so I will sit and stare at my work imagining what the choices will look like or "air draw" it. 

But if I do this too long, that annoying little voice will creep in with its cynical opinion. And once the thinking starts - I'm done!  I have to walk away.  Progress will come to a halt.

I have learned, over the years, many ways to get around this, not that it always helps.
  • Walking away and coming back for a fresh start sometimes helps, but then valuable time is lost.  
  • Working on diminishing the value of the inner critic helps, but that's an on-going process that has proved to be more challenging than I thought.
  • Even exercise works to bring me back to a "feel good" state, but that also takes valuable time away.  Of course, if it can do that while also being beneficial to your health, then it's worthwhile... I suppose - but, I'd rather be creating.
The bigger issue is, why don't I know what I want to do next?  Is it really that I don't know?Now I go through a little interrogation process to get to the bottom of it.  For me, it's usually one of four possibilities:
  • I'm afraid that I will ruin it with the next step (as a recovering perfectionist, this is a constant struggle).
  • I'm still getting caught up in what others will think.
  • The initial feeling or vibe has shifted. I prefer to work in an expressive, abstract style, which can be a problem if you don't finish the concept in one sitting - what you were feeling may be gone when you get back to it.
  • The debate over whether it's finished.

Sometimes it's a combination of the above.  I don't always need to get to the root of the issue, I just need to clear out all the clutter going on to get back in the creative zone.

This is where the Daily Doodle Journal is most helpful.  If I take 5-10 minutes to doodle or "scribble out" the clutter, I can get back on track.  

If I'm stressed or feeling anxious, the doodles/scribbles will look that way to me - and that's the point of taking the time to draw what you are feeling - it gets it out on paper.  It may seem over simplified, but getting it out on paper dissipates the emotion.  If you're worried about wasting paper on scribbles, try using newsprint sketch pads or see what you can find at the dollar store.  

Once you start doing this, personal symbols and different drawing styles will appear representing how you feel.  The goal is to do very quick drawings and continue to do pages until you feel the energy shift to a positive state (see below).

Sometimes you may get the urge to do a more detailed drawing in a style that is unfamiliar to you.  Don't fight the urge or judge it - just do it, even if it looks weird to you.  It's something that needs to be expressed and has a message that may or may not be understood at the moment.

The picture below shows my first two entries.  Repetitive horizontal and vertical lines, for me, are usually signs of frustration, indecision or stress.  The level of darkness of the line is the intensity of what I am feeling.

What I was feeling at the time was more about negativity that was going on around me.  I was starting to feel weighted down. Just writing "STOP" was enough to feel a little release.  In my next entry, there is still a similar look in the shape and symbol, but it is less chaotic and intense.

The energy shifted in the next entry with the "beet person".  There is still some downward symbolism in the roots/body, but there is also the balance on the upside with the leaves - this is a common theme for me. Adding the face for my own amusement, created a deeper shift to a positive state.  You can see, the lines are more curved, relaxed and flowing in the following entry.  Curved, meandering lines show up in my drawings when I am in a positive, receptive state.  It's important to note that the intent of this technique is not to create great art.  It's using art with a mind-body-spirit approach to work through creative blocks.

The next set shows the total shift.  The final drawing is a symbol of flow for me. There is balance up, down and across with an upward emphasis.  It looks different and felt different while drawing it.

This whole process works well because it is spontaneous and expressive - you allow your hand to be guided by your feelings or intuition - no thinking or deliberate action allowed.  

Usually, a few minutes is all that it takes, but if your are new to this, you may find yourself doing page after page.  I spent about about 10 minutes on these and was able to get back on track and get back to completing my doodle.  I know; all this for a doodle?

But here are the biggest benefits:  It is in this open, creative state, when the answers to your questions will flow freely without any effort.  In the beginning, it may take some time to reach that sub-conscious level, but once you are comfortable with being open and receptive, it will become automatic.  Best of all, as you progress, your style and technique will begin to transform and truly look like an expression of your creative inner spirit.

The simple doodle is the vehicle that will take you on your journey.

Happy Doodling!

From One Heart to Another

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to those that have stopped by and taken the time to read my posts and leave a comment.  This blog has opened up a whole new world for me and has given me a new avenue for my creativity.  I consider myself very lucky.
My work is in the land of numbers - as far removed from creativity as you can get.  But I work for a company that I love, where I've been given opportunities to become involved in other activities utilizing my creative side.  For that, I am very grateful.  And I work with a group of people that I love, who are fun and anything but dull and boring.  So even though I am living in a black and white world by day, my days are very bright and happy.

My life at home changed dramatically several years ago.  My mother was seriously ill and I needed to move in to take care of her.  I lost my creative space and much of the time I could devote to art, but I have the peace of mind knowing that she is ok with me there to watch over her.  I still have her in my life and I thank God for that everyday.

My wish for you is a life full of creative adventures even when there just isn't that much time for yourself.  I wish you a path that is free of creative blocks and stress, but should they come your way, you will have the tools to work your way through them.

Creativity is the key that will open the door to all that is possible.  It needs to be developed and evolving.  It is the vehicle that will take you where you need to be.  I wish you a happy and fulfilling journey.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Doodling!

Confessions of A Recovering Perfectionist - Unfinished Work

In the spirit of my post, I am displaying the best of my unfinished work!  They deserve a little glory too!

Pattereeka, Goddess of Imperfection & The Incomplete

When I made Pattereeka, she was complete, but then she lost her
arms and broke her neck and I neglected to get around to fixing her.
I decided instead to dedicate her life to all things unfinished and imperfect.
With her asymmetrical breasts, missing arms and well endowed  backside,
she is perfect for her new life's purpose.

I grew up with the message "if you can't do something right, don't do it at all".  Is it any wonder that I became a perfectionist unable to finish my projects!

My hyper-critical eye was quick to spot the tiniest imperfection.  That line isn't perfectly straight, it isn't centered right, it's lopsided.  What started out as spontaneous and fun, ended up unfinished due to it's offending flaw.

Even back in high school, I was busy
perfecting all my projects.  This little
bowl actually started out as a large vase!
By the time I finished eliminating all the
flaws, it became a tiny dish!
I took great pride in making things perfect and would spend countless hours fixing or covering up all things imperfect.  It was my process!  But sometimes, my talent in perfecting the imperfect could not resurrect or repair my work and it would end up unfinished -abandoned.  Or worse yet, destroyed, never to have to be seen with its flaws again!

But after years of working that way, I just didn't have the time or desire any more to keep fixing things instead of creating things.  So I found other ways to channel my creativity.  Not much time would lapse
though before I had to get back to something that involved brushes, paints, pencils and paper.
The turning point came when I started feeling a sense of frustration each time "I had to fix something".  I didn't want to fix it, but I couldn't accept it either - self-doubt started to settle in. 

Waiting for attention...
As any true perfectionist, I had an extensive library of self-improvement books enabling me to get to the bottom of any problem I might have and banish it for good.  So, I thought...

I figured, now that I know how and why I was doing this, there was really no reason to continue this frustrating behavior, right?

The truth I found, was that I wasn't frustrated with my perfectionistic tendency, I was proud of it!  It was one of my best qualities - the willingness to become better at something - what could be wrong with that!

So, how do you get rid of or reform a sense of pride in creating and cultivating perfection.  That goal would turn out to be a life-long project!

Someone would comment, "your handwriting is so perfect - I've never seen such perfectly spaced handwriting".  Well, that just made my day!  I would just be beaming like a little 7-year old, who finally got a compliment from her critical teacher.  Someone recognized and appreciated my efforts! 

I started to have my doubts about whether this could be fixed.

I wanted to accept the mantra of "mistakes are happy accidents".   But, all I was thinking is, "are you kidding me, it's the end of the world for my project!".

Backgrounds interrupted
Avoidance became the way that I chose to deal with my conflict.  Being a creative soul, I would just find other ways to channel my creativity - and that worked for a while. 

I went through a long period of self-reflection and worked on self-acceptance, which really was the core issue, and the day finally came when all of that bottled-up creative energy couldn't be contained any more.  I may write about that another time.  I was faced with the questions, do you really want to live your life without the beauty of art and without a voice to express your vision?  Should something that you love so much, be so difficult?  Can you allow your intuition to be in control and to guide you on a new path, one without the expectation of perfection?  Or are you willing to remain the same?

I kind of like it the way it is, but....
I was finally ready to accept images that came from a deeper place and not question what it was supposed to be.  My artistic style changed dramatically and was far more natural looking to me. 

Of course, that didn't totally get rid of my desire to perfect or my concern about what others might think (which is a whole other topic).  What holds me back now, is that I will find that I like how a project is flowing and then come to a point where I'm worried that if I continue, I will do something to ruin it.  And if it's not that, I will come to a point where I feel that it is finished, but a nagging little voice keeps butting in saying it's not. It's always something!

Now What?
But my desire now to create what needs to be expressed as is, is far greater than my desire to create something perfect.  I create now what is fun and follow my intuition and natural impulses.  If it starts to feel like work or needs fixing, I stop, take a break or use my Daily Doodle Journal to work out what I am feeling.    And yes, I still end up with unfinished work, however, now I accept them as works ahead of their time.  There is a message or a lesson in each one that I need to understand.  And when it is revealed to me, they will be ready to complete, which is why I save them and refer back to them.  I no longer see them as rejects - they are messengers.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my unfinished work in all its glory!

Happy Doodling!

'LinkConnector Validation'

When Pain, Anger or Criticism Gets in the Way of Creativity

Time for creativity is a precious commodity.  Finding time for your passion is hard enough, but what do you do when pain, anger or someones criticism robs you of the little time you have to devote to it.  How do you, or can you turn it around?

Sometimes pain or illness just gets the best of you and you need to listen to your body and rest.  But sometimes, even just a few minutes of creativity can produce those wonderful endorphins that can reduce the level of pain and allow you some time to create.

Anger or a negative mood is a very powerful distraction, and if allowed, will hold you hostage, preventing you from doing what you love.  So what if you could allow it to be expressed creatively as a way of negotiating with the hostage taker to get back your creative time? 

The whole "Just get over it"  philosophy may work for some, but sometimes, some things just need to get out or they'll remain under the radar and explode later.  A few minutes of creative fireworks can defuse the negative energy and bring you back to a positive state.

Someones careless or deliberately critical comments can deplete you of your creative energy if you dwell on it.  Trying to understand someones motive or insecurity may help you to a degree, but it also robs you of your valuable time and keeps you in a negative frame of mind.  A few minutes of creative repair and re-energizing can help you minimize the effects of any negativity aimed at you.

So, how do you take back your time from these energy wasters?  I don't recommend that you willfully dive into your creative project of choice.  If you're like me, that just doesn't work!  For me, the best prescription is a few minutes of creative transition time to acknowledge what is causing the problem and then release it.

I do this in my Daily Doodle Journal.  In this journal, I use quick, simple doodles or scribbles to express what I am feeling.  It is more of a body/mind approach for releasing energy, not an art journal  The purpose is to quickly get on paper the feeling you are experiencing.  Doing this with just a pencil or marker without the expectation of producing your usual journal pages allows you to focus on just the feeling and getting it done quickly.  And the quicker you release any negative energy the less time it will take for you to get back to your creative project with a clear head and positive state of mind.

I normally will spend a minute or less on a scribble, doodle or one continuous line drawing, then continue on to additional pages until I feel the energy shift or minimize.  You will not only feel the difference, but will see the difference in your drawings.  The important thing to remember is that the purpose is to express what you are feeling  not to create a work of art. 

While I usually work in pencil, I also like to use chalk pastels or pastel pencils when I feel that I need to get the color intensity of what I am feeling.  In the example above, I was experiencing a lot of back pain and was very irritated.  I felt that the colors best expressed the toxicity that I was feeling.

In the examples shown below, you can see the progression of the intensity of each entry as it diminished. 

By the time I was finished, I felt that the anger I was feeling when I started had dissipated.  The chaotic and unsettled feeling was gone and I was able to move on.

The amount of time it takes to cross over to creative energy depends on the intensity of what you are feeling.  It's worth every minute though, if you gain back your time for creative pursuits.

I have tried adding words and journaling, but for me, the images are enough.  I find that when I start writing about what I feel, I become to detached and analytical; whereas, the images reflect the actual emotion.

In the example below, I decided to paint my pain.  I was having problems with severe palpitations and blood pressure spikes that would cause migraines.  The painting didn't get rid of the problem, but it put me in a calmer state that provided relief.  It also gives me some relief by feeling that I accurately expressed what I was feeling.

If you have experienced losing your creative time to unexpected pain or some type of negative energy, you know the feeling of frustration your left with.  If your creativity is your source of income, any downtime can cause a missed deadline.  Your Daily Doodle Journal can provide you with a method or "therapy" you need to get back on track.

For another method of dealing with negative energy, see my post on reframing.  This method will take more time, but is excellent for more stubborn, recurring issues.

I hope you will give method a try.  It has worked wonders for me!

As always, your comments are appreciated.

Happy Doodling!

A Creative Challenge of a Different Kind - Manifesting Jobs & Prosperity

Doodle Therapy
From One Heart to Another
Patricia Kay

My post today is longer than my usual long posts.  I hope you will stay for a little while and join me in a creative experiment that I hope will grow large enough to make a difference.

I would like to invite you to participate in a collective experiment using your positive, creative energy to manifest a common goal for the greater good.  Don't worry, no commitment of time or money is required!  Nothing to sign up for - no deadlines.  Just a request to read this post.

I am deeply concerned about the fact that so many families are suffering  because of unemployment and the state of our economy here and around the world. 

So what does this have to do with creativity or Doodle Therapy? 

I believe in the power of positive intent, the law of attraction and the power of one person's focused creative energy to make a difference in this world.

So, I wonder...

If you can use the law of attraction and positive intentions for yourself to manifest a better job or better life, can you do it for someone else, somewhere else?  And if it is possible, could the results rise exponentially if creatives and healers everywhere were working on this together all at the same time?  Remote healing and prayer circles work, why not this?

What if, through the connection of Twitter, the word was spread to creatives and healers everywhere that our unique creative energy was needed for an experiment dedicated to a higher good - would people respond?  Could it become a movement and take on a life of it's own?  I believe it can! 

So, if I am not asking you for any money or more of your time, how would it work?

Creatives are uniquely suited to this challenge because, when you create, you are already in a manifesting state.  So what if, while you are already in that state, you let your thoughts and intentions focus on creating jobs and new industries in general or for someone specifically.

To participate, you would simply dedicate what you are currently working on to some aspect of these issues that you strongly connect with during the entire month of October.  If there are enough people doing this for a significant period of time, we could reach a critical mass and achieve great things.

If you would like to be a part of this Manifesting Jobs and Prosperity experiment and truly be a "job creator", the following is just an overview as to how it will work.  However, what and how you decide to participate is up to you. 
  • During the month of October, dedicate your creative energies of what you are currently working on to this cause.  Your project doesn't have to literally be about this subject.
  • Ask for guidance on who needs your energy most and where you need to direct it.
  • State or meditate a positive intention or dedication before you start.
  • Intend that your project is filled with love and compassion and is intended for a higher good, whatever that may be. 
  • Consider every step of your process as a meditation dedicated to helping someone, somewhere or imagining someone specifically that needs your energy.

  • Painters - With every stoke of your brush, focus on the creative energy that was just produced.  What will it create for someone; who will it help?  What colors will you choose to create the energy of your intention?  Know that what you create is pulsating with energy and going beyond your paper or canvas and now has a life dedicated to the purpose you intended it to be.
  • Quilters, Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Weavers & Fabric Artists - Focus on every stitch holding together, securing and building momentum to repair, rebuild and provide the basic necessities that someone, somewhere needs.  Your designs and patterns create beauty, love, warmth and the softness needed in times that are harsh and cruel.
  • Doodlers and Zentanglers - With every stroke of your pen or marker, focus on the emergence of your intricate and repetitive patterns representing jobs or people being helped with your positive intentions.  Imagine every additional dot or shape as another job created.  Your elaborate, complex and intriguing new designs contribute to a new kind of thinking that is needed to create new industries and skills.
  • Multi-media and Collage Artists - With every layer of your creation, focus on what talent and skill is revealed in your lush designs.  What do you envision for someone with these talents?  What can you put into your design that showcases all of one's talents and skills that will help them stand out or obtain the connections needed to get a new job.   Your designs tell a story at many levels - like each person with a wealth of experience and skills to offer.  They just need to get noticed.
  • Cooks and Bakers - With every ingredient you add to your recipe, focus on the flavors and aromas that you create and your intention that someone has everything that they need for their recipe for success.  Your creations provide nourishment not just for the body, but for the soul.  The love and care that you stir into your food is what someone, somewhere needs to feel right now to feel strong and confident again.
  • Jewelry Designers - With every bead you string or stone you set, focus on each one as a source of income for someone in desperate need of finding a job.  You create beauty and your creations of adornment symbolize one's style and personal sense of self, which is so deeply traumatized when you are not able to provide for yourself and family.  While you are creating beautiful pieces, envision infusing this beauty and richness back into someone's life.
  • Writers - With every thought and word that you write, focus on the story of someone, somewhere.  Can you imagine and create a new chapter for them - one that provides them with everything that they need for a new beginning.  Your talent provides you with the ability to imagine what is possible and then create it  - a vision that someone needs right now to believe again.
  • Sculptors, Crafters, Woodworkers, Carpenters and Assemblage Artists - With whatever tools and material you use to mold, form, carve or construct your creation, focus on helping someone, somewhere build a lasting foundation to create a new life or industry.  Your skills enable you to create the strength and determination that one needs to face every day with the hope that today they will find a job and it will get better.
  • Musicians, Singers and Dancers - With every note or step, focus on the beauty, sensitivity and joy you bring to this life.  Perform your art with the intent to bring joy and hope back into someones life and that they will be guided in the right direction.  You know the sacrifice it takes to stay dedicated to your craft. You know how much you have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals  Be the voice to send that message to someone, somewhere who needs to hear it.
  • Scrapbookers, Art/Raw/Visual Journalers - With every pen or brushstroke, focus on your ability to connect with your feelings and communicate what needs to be said for those that are in need right now.  Your creations beautifully and powerfully convey the messages that need to be seen and heard. 
  • Photographers - With every shot you take, focus on someone, somewhere who needs your energy right now.  What is the best angle, best view, best light or best shot for them.  In your view finder, can your create a beautiful picture of a better life for them.  You know how to bring things into sharp focus or soften the glare of harsh reality.  Your pictures can provide a vision of a better life.
  • Healers & Energy Workers - this is an experiment made for you.  You already know how to channel healing energy in alignment with another.  Your kind and compassionate nature is exactly what this world needs right now to heal and prosper again.  
As you probably surmised, I am an idealist and optimist, but I am grounded in reality. 

The energy of fear, hate and negativity needs to be countered with positive, loving energy in order to turn this around.

Our leaders are either not able or not willing to find the common ground that is needed to work together in a meaningful and productive way.  We can do and achieve what they cannot.
If you know anyone who would be interested. please spread the word and invitation to join the experiment.

There are many of you out there that can take this to another level by way of your followers, websites and connections.  Please spread my message and help build the momentum.  I would like this to be the spark that starts a movement that tackles a serious problem in a unique way.

It's all about creating energy that affects the collective consciousness that creates the shift, that creates the change.  Will you join me?

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for others on what you are doing creatively.  But please, no political commentary or negativity.  We need to keep the positive energy flowing.

I will keep this post up for the month of October while I work on changes and new material for my blog.

Happy Doodling!

Doodling 101 - Finding Your Doodle Style

Are you a prolific doodler or a doodle dabbler?  Do your doodles flow easily from your pen/marker or are they stuck somewhere in doodle limbo?

If you sometimes find yourself trying to imitate the style of someone else or wishing you could draw like someone else, I would say that you just haven't found your doodle signature yet.

And the best way to discover your doodle style is to set off on a doodle quest.  You already have some clues to start you off on your quest - your personality and your personal style (fashion or decor). 

Is your personality big and bold, soft and romantic or natural and casual.  Chances are your doodle style will reflect that.  However, you may find contradictions.  For example, if you find that you love bold designs, but are having trouble expressing that in your art, I'm willing to bet that it's a part of your personality that is also having trouble getting expressed adequately. 

Here's where Doodle Therapy can help develop and bring that style to life and put you on a path to creative self-expression.  Yes, working on (or I should say, playing) developing your creative style will also strengthen your personal self-expression and confidence.  

Here's a simple experiment to try to get an idea of your general preference and where to start on your doodle quest.  You may be able to answer this without trying the exercise.  But if you don't try it, you won't experience the most valuable part of this exercise, which is - discovering what it feels like to draw in a way that is natural to you vs. what feels uncomfortable. 

Knowing and responding to "that feeling" will be your inner compass guiding you along your creative journey. 

The Straight or Curved Path - Down the Straight and Narrow or Around the Bend
  • For this exercise, all you need is a sheet of paper or your journal and a pencil or marker.
  • The goal is to FEEL which type of line is more expressive to you: curved or straight.  Seems to simplistic?  Please try it anyway.  If you have a strong preference, you will feel the difference.  And this feeling is what you want to recognize and rely on in the future - the voice of your intuition.
  • Start filling up one half of your paper with any kind of curving vine, spiral or circular line - preferably one continuous line building up momentum as you draw.  Note how you feel while you do this.  Is there any tension, discomfort, boredom or distraction?  Or do you feel at ease and totally immersed in what you're doing?
  • Now, try filling up the other half of your paper with any kind of straight, angular forms, and again note how you feel.  Even if you don't feel any difference, you should find that certain shapes and lines flow easier than others.
  • Take time to reflect on the two patterns.  Do you find certain elements very appealing?  Any surprises?
An interesting thing happened when I first tried this.  I love the curvilinear approach to life.  My life is a curved line winding in and out, turning here, twisting there.  So naturally, I started the exercise with the curved line and progressed to the straight line.  And, of course, no surprise, I started feeling tension as I was drawing the straight lines. 

I decided to do another page, this time doing the straight designs first.  Amazingly, as I then started to draw the curved line, it did not flow in the same way as the first time.  There was a carry over of the tension from being in the linear mode.

Working by day, in the business world and land of numbers, I am constantly switching from left brain dominance to right brain and most of the time hovering somewhere in the middle, where I am most comfortable.  While I have found ways over the years to get back to a creative state, it was interesting to see how just concentrating on straight lines was enough to tip the balance.  Not everyone will have a strong reaction to such a simple exercise.

The main point of this is the importance of finding and developing your style - your Personal Signature.  You have a Personal Signature style in your home decor, your fashion preferences and your art.

Developing your style will keep the creative juices flowing.  Go in another direction, that is not your own, and you will find the flow disrupted.

Continue this exercise with examples of drawings or patterns you find by other artists.  Pick out elements to draw side by side to discover which are easier to draw and which feel more in line with your personal style.  Then add your flourishes or slant to put your stamp on it.  Keep cultivating your style.  And every time you look at another artists work, first appreciate their talent, skill and style, but then, never being critical, envision how you would would do it with your unique personal signature. 

And don't forget to keep up or start your Daily Doodle Journal to keep those creative ideas flowing.

Happy Doodling!

Creative Blocks: Comparing Yourself to Others - Finding Inspiration in Yourself

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could draw, paint or create like someone you admire - so much so, that you feel that your work will never be as good? Or worse yet, you concluded that you have no talent, so why bother?

Finding inspiration in the work of fellow creatives can further develop your creativity and personal style, but it can also stifle or create blocks if you place another's skills and talents above your own.

While it may be true that someone else may have highly developed skills and talent with years and years of experience, placing yourself in comparison with them puts you at an unfair disadvantage.  And the inner critic will seize on this opportunity to start planting those pesky seeds of doubt.

The thing is, if you had that person's life experience and talents and followed their same path, you might even be better - or - you might still have the same doubts.

I believe that everyone is or has the ability to become more creative.  It is part of your being that has been with you from the beginning.  Sometimes though, creativity may not have been valued and was discouraged at an early age, or wasn't recognized and given the opportunity to flourish or there may not have been any exposure to the creative arts.  But I tell you, there is creativity in every soul - it just needs to be cultivated and allowed to follow its own path whether it be in a studio, kitchen, lab or wherever!

Seeing your creativity develop and blossom as a long, exciting journey taking you to unexpected places and meeting interesting people is the key to disconnecting from those unfair comparisons.

Remember this:  Everyone is at a different point on their journey with different skills and talents.  They also have unique backgrounds and stories to tell with destinations that are unknown to you.  Their art tells their story.  It is their perspective, and it is authentic to who they are.  It is the expression of their soul.

Finding how to express your voice - what is distinctly you, is what will truly bring joy into your life.  That is what the creative journey is all about - finding how to express what is within you and following the voice that will take you further on the journey.

If you try to work in the style of someone you admire, do it for the experience of exploration and experimentation, but add your own twist to it.  If you try to make it your style, you'll never be truly satisfied.  It will always look like that person who is dressed up in a style that is totally out of character for them. 

If, what you create, is a reflection of who you are, you will better appreciate and become inspired by the work of others rather than compare your work to theirs.

Find ways to inspire yourself.  Be willing to experiment with different materials and techniques.  Find the tools and materials that feel the most comfortable and expressive to you.  Sometimes, switching to a different medium or tool is the key to unleashing your creativity.

Approach your experimentation and journey with a sense of adventure and fun.  Find the joy in the process, not the end product.  The more you are willing to explore, the further along you will be in your journey.  And the more you do, the more you will see your personal style evolve.  It's like learning a new language.  With practice, you will become fluent.

Flattened - Journal entry done when energy was very low

The Daily Doodle Journal is an easy way to document your progress.  The Daily Doodle Journal is different in its approach to visual journaling in that the focus is on a mind-body connection to bring out what is within.  Simple doodles and quick drawings like the one on the right, emerge from what one if feeling at the moment.  Intuition guides your hand.  Creative impulses are given total freedom.  The emphasis is not on a completed work of art, but the emerging personal symbols and style.  It is an outlet for releasing negative energy and seeing what it looks like on paper. 

In short, it is a visual documentary on the evolution of your creative spirit!

Use the Daily Doodle Journal as a separate journal if you already have or prefer an art journal.  It will give you the space to do "creative warm ups" and clear out any negative energy that might be holding you back.

Keep the Daily Doodle Journal for doodles or scribbles when trying to come up with a new idea or trying to get through some creative block or problem. 

Words can be added, but I think you will find that the images will reveal far more and will speak to you at a much deeper level.  Referencing back to them at another time can reveal even more.

Another way to help develop your style and discover your personal symbols, is the exercise I described in Drawing to Music.  If you play music you absolutely love, that actually makes you want to move to the music, you will find that your style will be much easier to access.  Interestingly, you may also find that your creative style probably has some type of visual connection to the type of music you enjoy.

Click here - Daily Doodle Journal - for more info on how to set up yours.

How do you inspire yourself and develop your creativity?  Please feel free to leave a comment about what works for you.  I'd also love to know if you started a Doodle Journal.

Happy Doodling!