A Creative Challenge of a Different Kind - Manifesting Jobs & Prosperity

Doodle Therapy
From One Heart to Another
Patricia Kay

My post today is longer than my usual long posts.  I hope you will stay for a little while and join me in a creative experiment that I hope will grow large enough to make a difference.

I would like to invite you to participate in a collective experiment using your positive, creative energy to manifest a common goal for the greater good.  Don't worry, no commitment of time or money is required!  Nothing to sign up for - no deadlines.  Just a request to read this post.

I am deeply concerned about the fact that so many families are suffering  because of unemployment and the state of our economy here and around the world. 

So what does this have to do with creativity or Doodle Therapy? 

I believe in the power of positive intent, the law of attraction and the power of one person's focused creative energy to make a difference in this world.

So, I wonder...

If you can use the law of attraction and positive intentions for yourself to manifest a better job or better life, can you do it for someone else, somewhere else?  And if it is possible, could the results rise exponentially if creatives and healers everywhere were working on this together all at the same time?  Remote healing and prayer circles work, why not this?

What if, through the connection of Twitter, the word was spread to creatives and healers everywhere that our unique creative energy was needed for an experiment dedicated to a higher good - would people respond?  Could it become a movement and take on a life of it's own?  I believe it can! 

So, if I am not asking you for any money or more of your time, how would it work?

Creatives are uniquely suited to this challenge because, when you create, you are already in a manifesting state.  So what if, while you are already in that state, you let your thoughts and intentions focus on creating jobs and new industries in general or for someone specifically.

To participate, you would simply dedicate what you are currently working on to some aspect of these issues that you strongly connect with during the entire month of October.  If there are enough people doing this for a significant period of time, we could reach a critical mass and achieve great things.

If you would like to be a part of this Manifesting Jobs and Prosperity experiment and truly be a "job creator", the following is just an overview as to how it will work.  However, what and how you decide to participate is up to you. 
  • During the month of October, dedicate your creative energies of what you are currently working on to this cause.  Your project doesn't have to literally be about this subject.
  • Ask for guidance on who needs your energy most and where you need to direct it.
  • State or meditate a positive intention or dedication before you start.
  • Intend that your project is filled with love and compassion and is intended for a higher good, whatever that may be. 
  • Consider every step of your process as a meditation dedicated to helping someone, somewhere or imagining someone specifically that needs your energy.

  • Painters - With every stoke of your brush, focus on the creative energy that was just produced.  What will it create for someone; who will it help?  What colors will you choose to create the energy of your intention?  Know that what you create is pulsating with energy and going beyond your paper or canvas and now has a life dedicated to the purpose you intended it to be.
  • Quilters, Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Weavers & Fabric Artists - Focus on every stitch holding together, securing and building momentum to repair, rebuild and provide the basic necessities that someone, somewhere needs.  Your designs and patterns create beauty, love, warmth and the softness needed in times that are harsh and cruel.
  • Doodlers and Zentanglers - With every stroke of your pen or marker, focus on the emergence of your intricate and repetitive patterns representing jobs or people being helped with your positive intentions.  Imagine every additional dot or shape as another job created.  Your elaborate, complex and intriguing new designs contribute to a new kind of thinking that is needed to create new industries and skills.
  • Multi-media and Collage Artists - With every layer of your creation, focus on what talent and skill is revealed in your lush designs.  What do you envision for someone with these talents?  What can you put into your design that showcases all of one's talents and skills that will help them stand out or obtain the connections needed to get a new job.   Your designs tell a story at many levels - like each person with a wealth of experience and skills to offer.  They just need to get noticed.
  • Cooks and Bakers - With every ingredient you add to your recipe, focus on the flavors and aromas that you create and your intention that someone has everything that they need for their recipe for success.  Your creations provide nourishment not just for the body, but for the soul.  The love and care that you stir into your food is what someone, somewhere needs to feel right now to feel strong and confident again.
  • Jewelry Designers - With every bead you string or stone you set, focus on each one as a source of income for someone in desperate need of finding a job.  You create beauty and your creations of adornment symbolize one's style and personal sense of self, which is so deeply traumatized when you are not able to provide for yourself and family.  While you are creating beautiful pieces, envision infusing this beauty and richness back into someone's life.
  • Writers - With every thought and word that you write, focus on the story of someone, somewhere.  Can you imagine and create a new chapter for them - one that provides them with everything that they need for a new beginning.  Your talent provides you with the ability to imagine what is possible and then create it  - a vision that someone needs right now to believe again.
  • Sculptors, Crafters, Woodworkers, Carpenters and Assemblage Artists - With whatever tools and material you use to mold, form, carve or construct your creation, focus on helping someone, somewhere build a lasting foundation to create a new life or industry.  Your skills enable you to create the strength and determination that one needs to face every day with the hope that today they will find a job and it will get better.
  • Musicians, Singers and Dancers - With every note or step, focus on the beauty, sensitivity and joy you bring to this life.  Perform your art with the intent to bring joy and hope back into someones life and that they will be guided in the right direction.  You know the sacrifice it takes to stay dedicated to your craft. You know how much you have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals  Be the voice to send that message to someone, somewhere who needs to hear it.
  • Scrapbookers, Art/Raw/Visual Journalers - With every pen or brushstroke, focus on your ability to connect with your feelings and communicate what needs to be said for those that are in need right now.  Your creations beautifully and powerfully convey the messages that need to be seen and heard. 
  • Photographers - With every shot you take, focus on someone, somewhere who needs your energy right now.  What is the best angle, best view, best light or best shot for them.  In your view finder, can your create a beautiful picture of a better life for them.  You know how to bring things into sharp focus or soften the glare of harsh reality.  Your pictures can provide a vision of a better life.
  • Healers & Energy Workers - this is an experiment made for you.  You already know how to channel healing energy in alignment with another.  Your kind and compassionate nature is exactly what this world needs right now to heal and prosper again.  
As you probably surmised, I am an idealist and optimist, but I am grounded in reality. 

The energy of fear, hate and negativity needs to be countered with positive, loving energy in order to turn this around.

Our leaders are either not able or not willing to find the common ground that is needed to work together in a meaningful and productive way.  We can do and achieve what they cannot.
If you know anyone who would be interested. please spread the word and invitation to join the experiment.

There are many of you out there that can take this to another level by way of your followers, websites and connections.  Please spread my message and help build the momentum.  I would like this to be the spark that starts a movement that tackles a serious problem in a unique way.

It's all about creating energy that affects the collective consciousness that creates the shift, that creates the change.  Will you join me?

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for others on what you are doing creatively.  But please, no political commentary or negativity.  We need to keep the positive energy flowing.

I will keep this post up for the month of October while I work on changes and new material for my blog.

Happy Doodling!