When You're Stuck - A Painting That Paints Inself

Doodle Therapy - Green Frost - Patricia Kay
Sometimes you want to create... something.  Your heart is in it, your spirit is ready, but you're... 

Something vague - disconnected.  Your mind is on hiatus - which actually can be a good thing - it means no interruptions from the critical controller.

If I give in and not do anything, I can add frustration to the mix.  The odd thing is, I won't accomplish anything else either when this state hits.  So it's best to find my way out of it, or it will be a totally wasted day.

On a day like this, I need to be into painting rather than the Daily Doodle Journal.    That's when I fall back on my motivational monoprints.  Just paint and paper - no brushes needed!  All I have to do is drop, squirt or streak paint across the paper, lay another piece on top , give it a few taps or swirls of the hand, and voila - a painting that painted itself!

And magically, gazing at the blended colors and fascinating textures, will snap me out of my state of disconnect into a more inspired frame of mind.

Of course, my best pieces come out when I am more inspired and rely on my intuition to guide me.  But, surprisingly, you can achieve really great results even when you are aimlessly creating.  Some of my better prints were created when I  was "out there, somewhere".

For the piece above, I used a random mix of India ink, acrylic ink and iridescent medium.  Getting two for the price of one, I cut one of the prints into various sized pieces that I will use for other projects.

If you like the adventure of unexpected outcomes or are in need of some instant gratification, you can get a quick art fix with this type of monoprint.  Use any kind of  paint, add different mediums for different effects - just make sure it is wet enough and you don't wait too long to pull off the top sheet.

Try these just for the fun of it.  The best part is when you peel back your page to find out what your design looks like - guaranteed - it's like a trip back to your childhood!

Happy Doodling!