Let Your Doodling Journey Begin

When I started my ritual of the Daily Doodle, my intent was to create a "doodle journal" to become freer in my artwork and focus on the process rather than a finished product. 

I wanted to dedicate time to letting my intuition be in control and draw whatever was the inclination, no matter how ridiculous I judged it to be.

This new creative practice turned out to be so much greater, and, in the beginning, so much harder than I ever anticipated.

At times, I would be intimidated by the blank page.  There would actually be these arguments going on in my head about where to start, this direction or that direction - it will look ridiculous - it's just scribbling - it doesn't look like anything!

Biggest lesson learned:  I am far more judgmental than I thought I was.  And this critic needed to be silenced!

So, I made up a few rules for myself:
  • Draw something in a sketch book/pad every night.
  • Allow my intuition to guide me.
  • Ignore critical thoughts or interruptions.
  • Turn off the phone and allow some quiet time.
  • Before starting, make an intention to allow creativity to flow through my spirit and hand bringing to the paper whatever my subconscious mind needs to express or reveal.
  • Do not erase (that was the most difficult)
  • Don't throw it out (anothet hard one)
  • Pay attention to what I struggle with and what emotions come up.
  • Observe how my doodles look when I am tense or angry vs. what they look like when I am relaxed and upbeat.
  • If I am in a negative state of mind, do additional pages until there is a shift in the doodling to a more relaxed state.
I found that if I did this before I went to bed, I could eliminate all that negative thought that would prevent me from falling to sleep.

My doodle journal is my therapy.  It is where I can escape and become so consumed in the process of creation, that all sense of time and space disappears.  In this state, all worries and stress evaporates. 

Interested in starting your Daily Doodle journal?  Check out my next post.

What's great about doodling.... you don't have to be an artist!

Happy Doodling!