Experimental Art - Monoprints With a Twist - Part II

Doodle Therapy - Monoprint - Green Wings - Patricia Kay
Air Brush Paint on Paper
Creative expression of any kind has the ability to transport you to a state of being that can heal, relax and transform your spirit.

It can provide you with an outlet to eliminate negative energy or to bring positive energy in.  For me, expressive, experimental art and doodling is all I need to eliminate any stress and find inner balance.

But what about the times when you would like to create something, but just don't know what you want to do?  What about when you're just feeling stuck or tired or bored and would like something that gives you quick results?  What if you don't have the time and you need a little creative energy and instant gratification?  If your're in need of a creative boost, this experimental art technique will get the creative juices flowing.

In my preious post, I described the how-to's of creating quick and easy monoprints with a twist by adding paint mediums for intricate and intriguing designs.  In this post, I would like to focus on the use of this technique for creative development and the creative journey.

If you are in real need of creative rejuvenation, stress relief or creative escape, I highly recommend that you try this technique.  Because these paintings "paint themselves", there is no pressure on you to produce some pre-conceived outcome.

The process becomes the focus.  You provide the choice of colors, amount of paint and the expressive touch of your hands to create your painting, but the results will be the unknown. 

If you're willing to go with the flow of the process, you will find yourself in a more relaxed and reflective state.  One that is more conducive to healing, growth and expanding creative development.

This is also a great activity for kids or seniors alike.  My 81 year old mother created the one below.  Using your fingers and hands to magically design the drizzled and squiggled paint is fun and appeals to one's sense of adventure.  Discovering the surprise design when the painting is revealed is truly joyful.

Doodle Thereapy - Monoprint - Posies - Norma Kay
Acrylics and Gloss Medium on Paper
 Give this technique a try - you'll find yourself totally engaged in the process and making many more.  For complete instructions and more examples, click Monoprints With a Twist.

And don't forget your Daily Doodle Journal!  Even if you can only devote five minutes for a quick little doodle, keeping up the practice will keep the creative channels open.

Happy Doodling!