Creativity, Transformation and Spring

Sprouts of new life, vibrant colors emerging - it's an inspiring and uplifting transformation.

There is so much work to be done this time of year - cleaning, preparation, getting rid of the old to make way for the new - it's all good and very therapeutic.  But, what can be overlooked is the opportunity to take this time to reflect and transform your creative spirit.  What better time than spring to try something new.

Your doodling journal can be where you explore new ideas, try drawing in a different style or different subject matter.  An open heart and open mind is all you need.

Take time to pay attention to what is stirring inside.  If you don't know, a good question to ask yourself is:  If I could do whatever I want right now, what would it be?  Write your thoughts down, or at least, make a mental note of them.  And don't allow "but I can't because...." to take over your thoughts. 

Maybe, practically speaking, it's not something you can do at the moment, but don't allow that to stop you from visualizing or thinking about it.  You are what you focus on; therefore, you can do or become what you want.  So, think of this as a time for planting seeds of intention.

As with all the work that is involved with your yard and garden, you will need to give the same amount of care to your newly sprouted ideas and intentions.  Your life is no different than your garden - it can flourish and become lush in its growth and beauty, or it can be ordinary and just survive, or worse, it can wither from neglect.

Give it the care it needs in the early stages of growth, allow it to find its own path, support it and give it the nutrients and foundation it needs.  Your ideas and intentions will also need to be protected from the weeds - don't allow negative thoughts or people to take over. 

Your dreams will thrive if you can provide them with sunny, positive energy and a constant flow of creative juices.  Creativity is what brought them to life and is what will make them flourish.

Keep your doodle journal at your side to record the journey and help you find the answers you seek.  If doubts or negative thoughts sprout up, get them out on paper to help eliminate them.

Try this as a way to literally wipe out negative influences:
  • Doodle, draw or scribble whatever the thought feels like, then draw something that eliminates or overpowers it.  Even scribbling over it or just crossing it out will work.
  • However, if the feeling is still there or you now feel more anxiety, continue to draw what you feel until you start to get a better understanding of what it is that you are feeling.
  • You want to transform or eliminate the feeling, not just cover it up.
Deeper feelings and self-doubt are the tougher weeds that will appear often.  You will need to keep an eye on them and continue to be vigilant about eliminating them.

If you keep up with your Daily Doodle Journal, you will be able to monitor your feelings and progress.  Progress that will lead to transformation. 

Using the law of attraction along with your creativity is a powerful way to transform your ideas and intentions into your dreams.  If you would like more information on the law of attraction, here are a few of my favorite books on the topic.

Happy Doodling!