Unleashing Creativity - Finding Time for Your Passion

Doodle Therapy - Torn In All Directions - Patricia Kay

Sometimes there just isn't time for creativity.  Work and family obligations don't allow for the luxury of free time to indulge in the pure pleasure of creation.

As much as I believe that it is a healthy indulgence, I also believe that it is a therpuetic and healing necessity.

Many creativeas will tell you that long periods of time away from their creative activities is deeply frustrating.  Your passion, whatever it may be, is part of who you are, not just what you do.

Many more people don't think of themselves as creative at all or don't discover their creativity until later in life.  Somethimes, that unsettled stirring or unidentified anxiety that one feels is the calling of the creative spirit trying to break free.

I truly believe that not expressing or connecting with that part of yourself is very unhealthy for the spirit.  And when your spirit is lacking the nourishment it needs, it's only a matter of time before it has a negative effect on the body.

For me, not being able to do something creative on a regular basis, causes a lot of anxiety, tension and headaches.  I would love to spend hours every day engaging in whatever I find intriguing that day.  But, as it is with most of us, that is not my reality.

In an attempt to find a way to get some time in everyday to unleash that creativity and allow it to develop and transform, I started the Daily Doodle Journal.  Even if it is only five minutes, I try to take the time each day to get into the practice of letting the flow of the creative process  emerge naturally.  No preconceived ideas allowed.  I just follow what I feel at the moment.  A few minutes doodling or daydreaming calms and grounds me.  Whatever extra time I get, is a bonus.

I can't stress enough how beneficial it is to find whatever time you can for yourself.  Maybe early in the morning or before you go to bed, on your break or at lunch, you can find a few minutes to doodle, write, daydream or walk.  Just find a way to block out the rest of the world to allow the ideas to start flowing.

Put it off, lock it up or ignore if you want; but you will find that, like with any other thing that is neglected, it becomes rusty or out of shape.  Or worse, negative energy builds up.  The old concept, use it, or lose it, applies here.

If you don't know what your talent is, have fun in the process of finding out what it is.  Use your doodle journal to explore and write down new ideas.

If you know what your talent is, give it the time it derserves.  Your life will be filled with more happiness when you do. 

Most importantly, get connected or reconnected with your creative spirit by doing something you love or trying something new.  You don't have to be an expert or perfect - so don't compare yourself to others.

To me, bringing creativity into your life, is bringing joy into your life - and everyone needs more of that!

Happy Doodling!