Creativity - What Holds You Back?

Is it the fear of what someone will think of your creative endeavors.  Are you afraid that it won't be good enough, won't be perfect?

If it's any of these, I would ask you to consider this.  Would you stop a child from creating something because it isn't perfect?  Would you discourage them because of what others may think?  Even if you can argue that you would to protect them; would it really be beneficial if the message is, what others think is more important?

So, why would you want to inflict such restrictions on yourself?  If you have not been able to experience the joy of creation, watch someone while they create.  Instead of focusing on what they are creating, and comparing your ability to theirs, focus on them.  Do they look like they are immersed in the process, relaxed, stress-free or happy?  That's what you want to aim for - not the talent or the skill.  That will develop and transform once you allow the creative process to chart its own course. 

Michelle Cassou has written the best books on overcoming blocks.  Her books have had a profound effect on my work.  They have helped me break away from my perfectionist tendencies.  They still creep in, but I don't allow it to get in the way anymore.  I have learned to accept and love what emerges.

Doodling has helped here in a big way.  Knowing that what you are doing is "just doodling", puts your expectations at a lower level and makes you less judgmental.  You're likely to be less focused on the outcome.

If you continue to doodle, journal style, on a regular basis without judging the outcome, you will begin to see your own symbols and style emerge.  Keep at it, and your work will develop and transform itself while transforming you at the same time.  All you need to do is allow it to happen! 

Click here, to see how to set up a daily doodle journal.  

There will be moments when you really dislike what you created.  Fight the urge to throw them away.  In fact, I would suggest that you keep them and look at them often.  Allow what feelings or thoughts to come up.  They provide the secrets and clues to the issues that need attention.

I have found that the images that I dislike most, have revealed the most to me.  And when I took the time to "listen to their message", I eventually came to find them intriguing and sometimes ended up liking them more than the others.

Take the time when you can, even on a scrap of paper, and just take a few minutes to draw something - anything.  Are you feeling uneasy or conflicted on what to do?  Is there an overpowering thought directing what you "should" do?  Is it directing you away from something you would like to do?  That's the voice that gets no say in the matter!  Pay attention to how it is making you feel, but follow your heart instead.

There is no joy in following orders to do something you "should" do.  The joy is in the process of discovering and transforming what is deep within you.  Allow that to emerge and blossom!

It can take a long time if there have been a lot of barriers and tight controls.  But it will be very much like caring for a delicate, new plant in your garden.  You may not see much growth at first.  That's because what is underneath the surface is spreading out and developing its strength and foundation.  Once these roots are securely grounded, it will start to flourish.

Be patient though, there may be few or no flowers in the beginning.  Sometimes they won't show up until the next year.  But, when they do, it will be a burst of beauty.

Bringing out the beauty and light within you is worth the time and effort and is definitely worth waiting for!

Happy Doodling!